Vintage Bikes

IMG_0932 Cylinder head after reconditioning and new heavy duty APE valve springs and valves cleaned and reseated!
IMG_0859 midpipe after reconditioning! All the blue is gone!
IMG_0857 headpipe reconditioned!
IMG_0846 pipes before reconditioning!
IMG_0863 This is the original altered decal that Turbo Cycle Corp. put on the right headlight ear on the Z1R-TC to confirm that it had been modified with the turbo kit. It is very rare to even see one of these as most were pulled off or were destroyed from water.
IMG_0767 (1) Motor and turbo unit of the Kawasaki Z1R TC before restoration!
IMG_0765 (1) Kawasaki Z1R TC being picked up after purchase on 10/10/16
IMG_0770 (1) This is our latest project! A barn find original Kawasaki Z1R TC Turbo bike! It was only ridden the first year it was bought in 1979 and has original 1167 miles on it with original inspection sticker and original tires which are in amazing shape! We will continue to post its progress as it will be restored to new factory condition in the coming months!
Vintage Bikes This is the start of the 1975 GL1000 restoration. The bike was stripped to the frame and engine disassembled. Because of coolant contamination the engine had to be cleaned completely and new rings and seals installed through out the engine.
Vintage Bikes Here you can see the antifreeze hardened on the inside of the valve cover. This was the case throughout the inside of the engine. In 1975 honda had a recall on the welch plugs in the head and this bike never had the update done. they replaced the zinc style plugs with steel to stop the leakage problem.
Vintage Bikes

Here you can see the engine going back together with one cylinder head to be installed yet.

Vintage Bikes Here the engine is rebiult and is ready to go back in the frame. All new gaskets,seals and rings have been installed along with a new clutch and water pump.
Vintage Bikes

Here the rebuilt engine and carbs are back in the frame.

Vintage Bikes

Here all the components are coming together.

Vintage Bikes Here she is all complete and she runs great. Its so suprising how smooth and nice these bikes were.